Monday, January 7

Anderson Luck Strikes!

Well, the shower was finished for a hot second. The contractors left the house Saturday night at 9 and it was done! All we had to do was wait for the grout to cure and the mud on the new closet to dry and we could use them. Yippee!

Ahem...yes...that is how it was supposed to a perfect world. In a world that doesnt include the Anderson Luck. A quick note about the Anderson Luck before I continue about our disaster: the Anderson Luck is a mostly unknown phenomenon that strikes Michael and me. Have you heard people claim that 'if we didnt have bad luck we wouldnt have any luck at all'? Well, it is kinda like that...but multiplied by 10. So anyway, to continue...

Michael and I get up Sunday morning to get ready to go to Indiana and I am in the process of feeding the Poodins when I hear dripping...I search for it but cant find it. I figure since it rained the night before the noise must be coming from outside. I go about getting ready for a road trip. Michael comes down and is puttering about and notices that the floor is wet. He looks up and notices that the beam between the small dining room and the kitchen is FULL OF WATER!! And it has leaked down both walls that the beam is attached to so now the paint has separated fromt the walls.

I called the contractor back and he was already on another job but swore he would send some one right out since I told him it was a bad leak. I think he thought I was exagerating but when his partner Jimmy got there he told Wayne (our contractor) that there was a lot of repair work that was going to have to be done. Wayne finished up his other job and he and Sonny got here about 7 pm and promptly started to cut holes in all the walls looking for the leak. They originally thought that when they installed the shelves that they hit a supply line with a nail, but after cutting into that wall, found that wasnt the case. Then they started checking the drain for the new shower which involved cutting holes in my small dining room ceiling. On the third try water poured down on them when they removed the sheetrock. Once they found the water they had to find out which pipe it was coming from. Back upstairs to the shower! After 7 cuts into the drywall in the closet they finally found the leak. was something they did so they have to do all the repair work...and so it starts again. The Anderson luck...

My small dining room ceiling

Sonny checking the pipes in the dining room

The beam between the dining room and the kitchen...this was full of water and looked like one long balloon. When we drained it, it took almost an hour.

Another one of the beam.

The wall where the water leaked down...

The other wall where the water leaked down.

Wednesday, January 2

Progress! is amazing how much can get accomplished with the right motivation! The house looks like a tornado hit it. Between the stuff that is getting put into storage, the stuff that we are keeping in the house, and the stuff that is going to Goodwill, it looks like we are a couple of slobs. We have been using a neighbor's truck to get stuff to storage and have already made 3 trips so far. I couldnt believe the amount of stuff
we had been accumulating in the bedroom downstairs! We cleaned that out and have made it into a library. We moved a couple of recliners down there and put the bookcases in there too. It is the most peaceful room in the house at the moment.

With everything going on I am surprised the kitties arent more psycho than they are. I think they are used to me moving furniture from room to room and they think this is just me being restless again. Heh...Yeah...I hope they keep thinking that until we shove their furry little butts in the Boxes of Doom and then pack the boxes in the Big Rumbly Machine for the next 10 hours. LOL.

I have posted pix of the disaster that is currently taking over my life. The pix are of the Formal Dining Room. It is normally the cleanest and least cluttered room in the house. Now we are using it as a catch all for the stuff to go to storage.

The window seat is being used as a catch all for the stuff that is going to Goodwill. I hope the guys dont get it mixed up and send our Goodwill stuff to our storage space.

The bathroom is almost finished. It has been a struggle the entire time. If the contractor shows up he only stays a couple of hours. The last few days though, he has been spending 4-5 hours here trying to finish the job. We are expecting it to be finished by the weekend. I know...I know...I have been saying that for weeks now, but he has 15 tiles, the windows, and the grout and it is finished. In fact, we asked him to come early today since we wont be here after noon and he showed up at 9. Trust me...this is progress.

The Realtor is coming tomorrow because we apparently need to be humbled - she is telling us what we should list the house at and what still needs to be done before it can go on the market. Ugh...not looking forward to that. But for as humbling and as frustrating as this all is still better than Day +1 at the old office. Ha Ha.