Monday, May 25

Day 1 - Saturday

We left MD an hour later than was scheduled. It was okay though, we had already resigned ourselves to a long day. And because we were flying SouthWest we had also resigned ourselves to getting to know each other very very well. Michael and I were fortunate enough to get a couple of seats together so it wasn’t all that bad, but it was still a long flight…I was really hoping I didn’t get a Deep Vein Thrombosis.

We pulled into San Diego Airport at 10:30 California time (1:30 our time) and we were all so excited to see each other that we didn’t get to lay our head down on the air mattress until midnight CA time. At 8 the next morning my eyes popped open and I was ready to get going. The Girls went to breakfast and by the time we got back the guys had already picked up the U-haul and the trailers. With the help of 6 burly guys the entire apartment was loaded into the truck in 2 hours.

We went out to an early supper and then hit the road. We didn’t get too far, only to El Centro - which is 2 hours east of San Diego - but it was enough to make us feel like we were on our way. Now I am sitting in a nice quiet hotel room, Michael has Sports Center (duh nuh nuh – duh nuh nuh) on the tv and the air conditioner is cranked.

I am pretty beat so I am just going to upload some pix and call it a day.
My Aunt Jackie flew out with us to surprise my parents.
The Apartment before we loaded everything into the U Haul
San Diego has a cool looking Mass Transit system.
The RV
Everyone relaxing in the RV before we took off.
My Mum and my Aunt Jackie.

That stripe on the mountain is a road carved out of it.

Layers of Mountains.

The UHaul towing my Mum's car.

Thats it for now. I will write next time about Roswell was like coming home. LOL

Wednesday, May 20

Class and Sophistocation

Ya know...

For as refined and sophisticated as I like to believe I am, the reality is…I am just one toilet in the hall away from being a Redneck.

Thursday, May 14


Went to a Mexican restaurant last night with some friends. Got drunk and some how my shoes ended up on the table. I recall talking about the slippery soles but then being, once again, struck by just how darn cute the shoes are. LOL.

Apparently, when I drink the filter between my brain and mouth shuts down. And apparently I am Spanish when I am drunk. LOL. Though I am proud to say that the wait staff and the owners all understood what I was saying so that makes me happy. But, I think a couple times I got Spanish and Italian mixed up. Either way, they understood. LOL. While I was conversing in Spanish with the waiter my friends were like, “Who the hell is that?” They were asking Michael if he knew I could speak another language. He mentioned that as soon as this semester is over for him he is going to start learning Spanish so he can keep up with me.

HMMMMMmmmmm…maybe if I start ballroom dancing he will learn so he can keep up with me. Ha Ha.