Thursday, May 6

Anniversary Thoughts

Being married isn't all flowers and chocolates...sometimes it is all clean the house and take the cat to the vet. It's the very small things that nurture love, not the large gestures. When Michael rubs my back in his sleep, it means more to me than if he gave me flowers. When he puts gas in my car, it tells me he is thinking about my comfort and convenience enough to make that extra effort. When I do something for him it isn't about the recognition, it is about the reward of knowing it makes him a little happier.

When we first got married, it was just the two of us, half a country away from anyone we knew - we were a team and it was us against the world. As we got comfortable and grew into who we were, we grew together, sometimes at different paces, but we did it as a team. I have always known that Michael would support me even if he didn't agree with me or my decisions. I have always known that Michael would do anything for me if I asked. He loves me to distraction...still. It is such a powerful, and at the same time, humbling feeling to know and to acknowledge this.

He is the Rocky to my Bullwinkle, the Right to my Left, the Snoopy to my Charlie Brown. Every day that I get to spend time with him is a day well spent. I have never doubted that I adore him and want him to be happy. There were times when I doubted myself - but never Michael. He is as solid, as permanent, and as strong as a mountain (and as stubborn).
Happy Anniversary, Michael.

For the past 23 years you have been my Voice of Reason, my Co-Conspirator, Friend, Lover, Chauffeur, Warmer of the Sheets in winter...and summer, Feeder of the Cats, Comedian, Launderer, and Noise Maker.

Mostly, have been, and continue to be, the love of my life.