Friday, December 28


Well, there are plenty of things to be pissed about. The top on my list is the contractor. My tile has been in for 2 weeks now and my shower is only half tiled. Wayne tells me that he will be here at 8, shows up at noon, and then only works an hour and leaves. I was really hoping to be able to use my shower before we moved out! I am giving him today to impress me or we are finding someone else to finish the bathroom up. I mean, really, we could do it ourselves since we have tiled before. We would just prefer not to since WE CONTRACTED WAYNE TO DO IT!!!

The house is a disaster. we have started boxing things up and taking them to the storage unit. We got a garage sized space since we will be putting furniture in there too. With all the de-cluttering going on, it is actually worse than if I had put everything where it belongs. We are making progress though. Now, things are getting cleaned out rather than just hiding stuff in cabinets and closets. The struggle isn't deciding what to get rid of, but in getting Michael to agree to get rid of ANYTHING. He is such a pack rat that if I say something has to go, he fights me all the way. My best bet is to clean out the place when he is gone. My thinking is that if we haven't seen or used something in 6 months then we don't really need it. Michael is hoping we get a place with a 3 car garage...I am cringing. I can just see all the useless tools and crap in there now!

Barry leaves tomorrow. That will help us de-clutter as well. As soon as he goes, we can start re-arranging the upstairs. We are turning our study into a small bedroom - that could be used as a nursery or a sitting area, since it connects to the master bedroom suite. My sewing room will become our office, and Barry's room will become the actual guest bedroom. The bedroom downstairs will become a sitting room/library, and the basement will stay the gym. Not a lot of re-arranging, but enough to keep us hopping for a while.

well, I just got off the phone with Wayne and he says he will be here before 10 so I am going to go and feed the Poodins before he comes. I will update later.

Thursday, December 20

Bad Freak!

Well, I dont think I am a good control freak. I mean, I have had this blog for 5 hours now and I am just now posting something. And the Template isnt making me happy, but if I were a good freak then I would have changed it by now and wouldnt be bitching about it.

The contractor is late... as in The Late Mr. Cathcart. He was supposed to be here at noon and now it is 2. The only thing left to do on this job is to lay the tile. How hard is that? I can do it but I already paid him for it and I am not going to be doing something I already paid someone else to do. We were discussing having him do some other work to the house, but now I am pissed and am going with someone else.

We are getting the house ready to put it on the market and there are a couple things I would like to have finished before we do so. One thing is we had some one come in and close up the attic access in the hallway because we had attic stairs installed in a different place. That area still has to be painted. The space where the current shower stall is is being turned into a closet so that has to be done still. And after we leave we are having some one come in and redo the hardwood floors. Oh, and we have to get the carpet cleaned also.

As a control freak this is pretty stressful for me. I mean, I love having everything all tied up and neat and moving just isnt any of that. There are so many details that have to be taken care of, and I adore that long as everyone does what I tell them to do, and does it when I tell them to do it. But if things dont go as planned, I get pissed. Oh, and one of my nicknames is Miss Impatient...and not after the flower either.

So to sum up: I am a control freak, but not a good one. I am bossy. I am impatient. And I want everything my way...and those are my good qualities. ;)