Tuesday, March 31

Office Narnia

My building is a great big rectangle. It is about 10 stories tall, and the footprint is a rectangle. In the center of this rectangle is the elevator shaft that houses 3 elevators. On my floor of the building everything is set up on the perimeter of the building in order to take advantage of the windows. It is a huge space and quite honestly, I don’t know anyone on the other end of my floor because I never venture over there. We have 2 lunchrooms and over a hundred work spaces on my floor alone. And in the center is the elevator shaft.

Why am I focused on the elevator shaft? Well, the other day I found this whole secret set of tunnels that meander through the elevator shaft area. I know…'huh? It is an elevator shaft…it goes 2 directions – up and very-fast down.’ Well there is an area that goes around the elevator shaft that is kinda closed off. And if you go through the door on the west side of the building you can quickly go through the center of the building to the east side…or the north side…or the south side. It is like a little hallway that encircles the elevator shaft. There are doors that open to the mechanics of the elevator on one side of the hallway, and the other side of the hallway has doors that open to various other places of office space. Now, instead of walking all the way around the perimeter of the building to get to one of the lunchrooms, I can just go through the center.

I keep expecting to find a counter culture of people in the elevator shaft hallways. I mean, we already get deliveries through there, and if any office furniture has to be moved it typically goes through there so as not to disturb the people working on the floor. Also, the recycling is stored there until the shredder people come to pick it up. But I fully expect to go through the hallway one day, open the door to what used to be the lunchroom and completely end up in Office Narnia. Or to open the door to the hallway and encounter a group of Hobos sitting around a campfire cooking beans over it in a can.

Friday, March 13

Odd or Even?

I cant remember if the odd years are the good ones or the even ones. You know how it seems like we get alternating good years? I just cant remember which are mine, the odd or the even.

If I try to work it out, then this is what I come up with:

Last Year:
Got Barry out of my house
Went to Vegas
Went to Boston
Went to Rhode Island
Went to the Midwest
Went on cruise
Got a job
Fostered and placed 5 kittens over the summer

Blew out my knee
Found out job was shit
My sister became even more of a rotten bitch than she already was and proceeded to make everyone around her unhappy.
Lost about 20% of portfolio

This year:
Got laid off from shitty job.
Got an incredible job after being unemployed for 2 weeks
Said incredible job came with a pay raise and a whole bunch of professionalism
Severed a toxic friendship
Started going back to the gym (YAY)
Contracted work to be done to the house starting next week (check with me in a week to see if this is still a good thing)

Had a fender bender on Friday the 13th (honest)

Huh. Well, if I had to guess which year my good ones are I don’t think I can decide. It is still early in the year so things could go down hill pretty quick and overall last year felt pretty good. I guess if my bad years feel pretty good, then I am not even going to complain.

Well, I still will, just not too loudly.
Well, the reason I haven’t been writing is because my coffee pot (and accessories) came in last Wednesday. Since then I have been shaking too much from caffeine overload to get my hands to do anything constructive. Is it wrong to love a machine? is it wrong to love it more than anyone I know? I swear, between my Ipod touch and my new coffee pot, I am the happiest person around.

Even the hubby loves the coffee pot. I ordered a pack of assorted teas and a pack of hot chocolate so he can use it too. And this is going to be great in the summertime for iced tea and coffee. All I have to do is make the tea/coffee extra strong and dump it into a glass of ice and I have fresh iced tea/coffee. yum!

We are getting ready to have the shower redone. We are planning on doing the demo ourselves and when that is done, having a contractor come in and put it all back together. I will be so happy to use the master bathroom again. The guest bathroom is nice and everything, but the master bathroom is huge and we are not using it because our new shower, that was supposed to operational a year ago, leaks! Since it is just the hubby and I in the house it has been no big deal, we suffer through – lol. The only good thing is that I get to go tile shopping again.

Next week the roofing guys are going to rip my house apart. The house has the original roof so it is time. Michael saw some shingles sticking up and checked things out. He had an idea that we were going to need it replaced, and the roofing guy confirmed it (of course he did). But he has his own contracting business and his company has done work for us before so we trust him. He says it can be done in one day and we don’t even need to be there. Yay!

After that the shower is getting finished, we are putting French doors on the back that open to the sunroom, adding a big deck, and replacing the front porch (I hate what we have, I want a different design and material). For both the porch and the back deck we are going to use the Trex material so we don’t have to do anything else to it. The less work the better.

After that is just little stuff – we are moving the laundry room from the basement to the smallest bedroom upstairs. That still leaves us 3 bedrooms up there and we have the extra guest room in the basement so that is fine…but it will be nice to have the laundry upstairs. We are expanding the pantry area and expanding Michael’s workroom. Then summer will be here. Lol. I just wish we could go away for 2 weeks on vacation and when we get back it would be all finished. I am not looking forward to having all that work going on while we are living there…I know…bitch and moan. Lol.

Tuesday, March 3

Sigh...Still no Pot

Well, poop. I didn’t get my coffee pot yesterday. I was really hoping that it would come over the weekend but no luck. Then yesterday we got about 6 inches of snow and everything shut down in order to avoid the WHITE DEATH FROM ABOVE. So now I will be waiting another day for it. And it would have been perfect for yesterday since I was home all day anyway.

I knew it was going to snow and I knew we were going to get a couple of inches, but when I got up that morning everything was covered and the hubby was already out there shoveling. While I was in the shower I decided I didn’t feel like braving the elements and the traffic and decided that I was going to take a snow day. After my shower I changed into fresh pajamas and went and let Michael know he could take the Trooper if he wanted. He ended up taking the escort anyway. An hour after he got to the office the owner came in and said that the office was closed for the day. LOL. Well Michael was already there! He got back home around 10 and did homework for the rest of the day.

I mostly cross stitched, listened to a book on CD and snuggled the poodins in the Magic Chair next to the window. There were brief episodes of getting up and walking around, but most of the day was spent under a cozy blanket with a couple of kitties. That coffee pot would have come in handy yesterday.

When I was forced to dig my way out of the kitties, blankets and overstuffed furniture I puttered. It was really a great day. I had all the blinds/curtains open and had the big front door open as well. I love the quality of light that we get when it snows. It wasn’t overcast and the light was bright…it was just snowing out. The house was already pretty clean, I just did a few dishes, straightened up the living room and organized stuff. I am always amazed at how much bigger the house looks when everything is where it belongs. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I got that coffee pot yesterday.