Tuesday, April 21

The New House

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. We are in the process of buying a rental property so there are tons of things to do with that: papers to sign, inspections to do, more papers to sign, wait, more papers to sign, wait some more, write a huge check for one tiny key. We have a closing date of May 8 so it will all be finished soon.

Actually, things have calmed down considerably now that the inspection is over. We haven’t really had to do anything with the house for about a week. As soon as the appraiser was finished everything else was done except for the waiting. We even have a renter. It is an older couple and I think they will be renting for a while so they seem like a safe bet. The couple will be moving into the house around the first of June so the house will only sit empty for about 3 weeks. Yippee!

Michael’s mum was just out here looking for houses about an hour away from us. It would be nice to have her here. That way we can visit more often and she can come see us, but at the same time we are still far enough away that we have to make plans to see each other. She left this morning to go back to Missouri after staying for about 3 days. I think she may be out here by the end of the summer. With everything going on, the holidays are going to be great this year.