Monday, May 27

More Than We can Give Back

Ya know…everyone is taking a moment to remember our fallen heroes – the men and women who rush into the situation that everyone else is rushing to get out of.  Our Firefighters, our Police force, and our nation’s protectors are the reason for this holiday.  We thank them and then have a burger or dog in their honor.  We go to big sales and buy stuff.  We sleep late on our day off.  For most people it is just a passing thought…”Thanks for all you do…pass the potato salad”. 

My dad is a retired Navy Veteran, my husband is a retired Navy Veteran, my core base of friends are retired military people.  But they weren't always retired, and in order to retire they had to make it to the requisite twenty years of service.  For twenty years they succeeded in not getting killed and not killing themselves.  For twenty years they left their families and went to the most God Forsaken regions of the world.  They missed births, first steps, car accidents, proms, graduations, and deaths of close friends and relatives.  They put their family schedules in chaos because no one ever knows when they are coming or going – everything stops when a military member comes home or leaves.  They put their lives in jeopardy to help faceless, nameless, people who hate them.  Then they return home to a broken system that supplies them with inferior and inadequate healthcare.  When it is looked at in that light, why on earth would anyone join?

People join the military for many different reasons, they hold on until retirement for many different reasons, but underneath all the various reasons for staying is the common thread of honor and pride.  Honor in the belief of a country, pride in service and a job performed to the best of one’s abilities.  The rewards for this thankless job come in many forms – lifelong friends, recognition, etc, but the most touching reward is just the acknowledgement of what is being sacrificed for this global protection. A heartfelt “Thank you” is the most precious gift that can be given to them.  A simple Thank You is all we can give because there is no gift big enough to reward them for what they give up for us.

For the family members of our fallen military, there is no thank you big enough to fill the hole left by the death…but many little ones help fill a fraction of the void.  The military people you encounter every day don’t expect thanks or accolades, they just see a job that needs to be done – whether it is on the front lines or in support of those fighting. They get up and they do their job to the best of their abilities.

These are the people we need to idolize – the widow(er) who gets up every day without their soul mate, the funny old guy working at Home Depot who saw action overseas, the quiet woman in the office who never speaks of her heroic actions in the line of fire.  These people gave huge chunks of their lives that will never be given back to them.  At retirement or discharge, no one ever hands them a shoe box with their years back - They are gone forever.  What they missed or lost will never be returned to them…and they did it for us. They did it to ensure our freedom and our chance of a better life.

So rather than the sales, or the food or the ‘free’ day off, let’s focus on what is being given, gladly, to maintain our lifestyle.  Lets give more than a Moment of Silence or a Thought to our Troops.  Let’s seek someone out and thank them for giving up a chunk of their lives for ours.  

Tuesday, December 27

My Cat is a Genius

Cheese is the best cat ever. I know it is all selfish cat stuff that he is doing, but he apparently likes the same stuff I do, and he has a certain knowledge that is timeless and just makes sense.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I had had a really bad day and by the time I fell into bed around 11:30 I had so much anxiety that I was convinced someone close to me was going to die. That being said, trying to fall asleep was a challenge. I know that animals reduce stress so I called Autumn and she came over and slept in her favorite spot (snuggled up against my neck). I petted her a bit and started to doze off. And then the twitching started (mine, not hers). Every time I got close to slipping off, I would twitch, it would wake me up and I would start the whole worrying process again. I thought maybe I was too hot so I kicked the covers off. The problem with that is that the boys were laying on my legs – Bumpers between my knees and Cheese against my thigh. This meant that they had to move with the covers, or get up and reposition. After having to reposition about 5 times Bumpers finally gave up and left. Cheese, However, walked up the side of my body and plopped his 18 pound, fuzzy, butt right on my side. And he has claws, so he dug in. I am a smart girl and I know at this point, if I thrash around some more, it is going to result in 20 claws embedded in my side because he is trying to hold on, so I lay as still as I could to avoid any bloodletting. That, and the purring, fuzzy, warm weight of nearly 20 pounds holding me down finally relaxed me enough that I fell asleep. I don’t know when he left, but when I woke up this morning he was back in his usual spot being all purry and cute.

I know how much it helped me, but I don’t know if he did it out of kitteh selfishness or maybe he knows something I don’t. Either way, I was able to get to sleep around 2 for a good 5 hours of sleep. Considering everything, I think that is pretty good.

Cheese is getting some chicken with his meal tonight.

Monday, September 26

Going Full Morlock

Ya know, sometimes I feel like a Morlock. You remember the Morlocks - Those troll like creatures that lived underground in the book, The Time Machine by H.G.Wells. And yes, some morning I probably look like one too. Lol.

If you aren’t familiar, In the book by Wells, in the distant future civilization branched into 2 distinct directions. One group headed underground and became hideous, troll like creatures who were regarded with terror. The other group, the Eloi, stayed in the sunshine and were beautiful and cared for and lived a simple life with no worries. The Morlocks ruled the underground by mining and engineering tunnels and mechanized devises (hard work). The Eloi were provided for, swam and played, and didn’t have a care in the world (other than the Morlocks). It was originally thought that the relationship between the Eloi and Morlocks was that of Lord/Servant or perhaps a perfect Communist society. However, it turns out it was more Rancher/Cattle with the Eloi as the beautiful, vacuous cattle.

Which brings me back to the title of this blog…I really feel that in our society today, the educated are regarded as the Morlocks and the beautiful/young people are the Eloi. Those of us with an education work hard, make (mostly) sound decisions, and make things work for the Eloi. The Eloi, on the other hand, stand around being beautiful, not needing their brains, and are completely catered to. Yes I know there are some exceptions to the rule. I know beautiful Morlocks and I also know some ugly Eloi. But what characterizes the Eloi is that they are just fucking ignorant and don’t see a need to better themselves because they get by on the graces of others.

That being said, I have decided to go full Morlock. I have been toying with the idea for about a year now. I am in a good place (hopefully this doesn’t jinx it) now and I feel this is the time to just jump into the underground and embrace my Morlock-ness…I have decided to get my Master’s in Finance and get my CPA. Fortunately, the majority of my friends are Morlocks as well, so they understand the commitment and work it is going to take. When I get overwhelmed (and I always do during finals) I just have to keep reminding myself that it is the Morlocks that ultimately control things…and eventually we eat the Eloi…heh…heh…heh.

Thursday, May 6

Anniversary Thoughts

Being married isn't all flowers and chocolates...sometimes it is all clean the house and take the cat to the vet. It's the very small things that nurture love, not the large gestures. When Michael rubs my back in his sleep, it means more to me than if he gave me flowers. When he puts gas in my car, it tells me he is thinking about my comfort and convenience enough to make that extra effort. When I do something for him it isn't about the recognition, it is about the reward of knowing it makes him a little happier.

When we first got married, it was just the two of us, half a country away from anyone we knew - we were a team and it was us against the world. As we got comfortable and grew into who we were, we grew together, sometimes at different paces, but we did it as a team. I have always known that Michael would support me even if he didn't agree with me or my decisions. I have always known that Michael would do anything for me if I asked. He loves me to distraction...still. It is such a powerful, and at the same time, humbling feeling to know and to acknowledge this.

He is the Rocky to my Bullwinkle, the Right to my Left, the Snoopy to my Charlie Brown. Every day that I get to spend time with him is a day well spent. I have never doubted that I adore him and want him to be happy. There were times when I doubted myself - but never Michael. He is as solid, as permanent, and as strong as a mountain (and as stubborn).
Happy Anniversary, Michael.

For the past 23 years you have been my Voice of Reason, my Co-Conspirator, Friend, Lover, Chauffeur, Warmer of the Sheets in winter...and summer, Feeder of the Cats, Comedian, Launderer, and Noise Maker.

Mostly, have been, and continue to be, the love of my life.

Sunday, November 1

OMG!! Shoes!!

OK, yeah...this is kinda true. Oh...FINE!!! YES it is true! I admit it. I love shoes. And yes...this is really how I shop for them. LOL

and after reading the flowchart, I must have the ivory shoes at the top of the page. How adorable are they???

Saturday, October 24

Shake Your Groove Thing...

Omg. I am in full disco mode. I am stuck here in the Magic Chair, I don’t have a kitty on my lap and I just did 2 Nebulizer treatments back to back. One treatment is like a cup of coffee so now I am pretty buzzed and jittery. LOL. My hands are shaking too much for me to cross stitch so I figured I would spew on here until things calmed down a bit.

I am still sick. I don’t have Hamthrax any longer but I am dealing with one of the complications. Because I have asthma my lungs are taking a bit longer to come back from this. I am currently on Prednisone and I was on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics to try and avoid a bacterial infection but I got one anyway. So I have been out of work all week. Ugh. I should be able to get off the steroids by Thanksgiving. I know…really.

We got rain all day today so Michael is actively looking for the leak. He has been in the basement cutting into the walls. I know…really. On the plus side he is getting the mold out of the house. It seems like everything happened this week. We discovered not only the mold but the bees…er…I mean wasps as well.

So now, to recap…leak in the basement = removal of drywall. Ok, I can see that. There are holes in the walls down in the basement…the finished basement…the NICE finished basement. And the water is still trickling in since Michael hasn’t found the source of the leak yet.

Ok, lets ignore the basement and just head to the first floor. Things are fine here. Got a new computer for the desk in the kitchen (it was lonely) so I have been on that quite a bit lately. The kitchen is a mess though. I don’t have the energy to actually clean anything so Michael has been feeding me leftovers and we have been piling everything in the sink. The only problem I have with this process is that I can see the sink from the desk. I think I need to move the monitor juuuusssttt a little…yeah…that’s it. No more dirty dishes. Lol. Mum is coming over tomorrow to do some motherly fussing over me and she will probably do the dishes. I can live with that. I am sick of the first floor…heading up…

Ok, on the Bee floor. Lol. We had the Bee guy come out today in between storm cells. He found our problem and treated the nest. He is coming back Monday and Tuesday to follow up but he is confident that we are done with them. We were getting one or two in the master bathroom from the vent, but we were getting more in the guest bathroom. Today after he sprayed we actually had to close the door to the master bathroom because they just started falling out of the vent! Fortunately the vent is directly over the toilet so they just fell in. Easy clean up. We go in every couple of hours and just flush. Lol there were a couple that were still flying around in there so we just keep the door closed until they die too. I just wish there was a way to get rid of them without killing the poor things.

Lets see, the master shower still doesn’t work on this floor, we have bees in the bathrooms, and I need to paint my study and the guest bathroom. Sigh…this place is falling down around my ears. And the fact that it has all happened (with the exception of the master shower) in the past few weeks is really hysterical. I step back and try to look at it objectively and I just laugh. I think the only reason I don’t really freak out about anything is because other than the mold issue (which is now gone) and the bee issue (which is slowly dying in my toilet) there are no unsanitary or unhealthy issues. They are mostly cosmetic. Drywall is easy to fix after the leak is located. January the master bathroom is being fixed but really that is an inconvenience at this point…we are used to showering in the guest bathroom. After the leak is fixed the hardwood and the French doors are being replaced…again an inconvenience once the water is gone.

I am starting to wonder if I am becoming complacent…once upon a time my house was very important to me. While it is still very important, I am not as freaked about it as I used to be. I used to want it to be the envy of the neighborhood…now I will be happy when it doesn’t have holes in the walls. LOL!! And the holes in the walls don’t bother me that much because Michael can fix them in a day. I am more interested in living in my house than managing it or decorating it. Meh…it is just a matter of priorities.

Anyway, the buzz has worn off and now I can get back to doing some cross stitch. I seem to stitch and stitch and never finish anything…eh…gives me a goal to work towards…oh, and I am still in Disco Mode…since I have been writing I have listened to Donna Summer, Peaches and Herb, The Hues Corporation, the Bee Gees, and KC and the Sunshine Band…all courtesy of Pandora Disco Radio

…Rock on witcha bad self… shake your booty…She’s a Bad Mama Jama…

Monday, October 19

This is Starting to Suck

Okay. I am getting to the point where I am starting to believe in The Anderson Luck again. And It isn't just seems like everyone who comes to our place is affected by it. It is like we are living in The Grudge house. everyone who visits is instantly marked as a recipient of some good ole Anderson Luck. So far this year:

Bathroom still isn't fixed - it is going on 2 years. We originally paid 14K to have it done, to have it done RIGHT will take an additional 20K (I really hate general contractors)...good thing we have two other bathrooms in the house or I would really be bitching about it.

I got a kidney stone on my birthday. When I went to get it taken care of, I caught a virus that turned into an upper respiratory infection. I gave my virus to my mother, and it turned into pneumonia for her.

I was out of work for a week. I have only had this job since February and it is the BEST FREAKIN JOB I have ever had.

I dropped my Ipod and now the glass on the front is broken. I left the plastic cover on it and I think that is the only thing holding the glass in. It still works though so I am going to wait until the holidays so I have a reason to get another one. lol.

We have a leak in the basement now. It is coming in somewhere in the back. We thought it was one of the windows in the kitchen. Michael caulked still leaks. Now we have to call a handyman/contractor to come out and fix it.

The leak caused mold in the we have to call a mold company to come out and fix that.

The leak caused water damage to the hardwood floors in the small dining we have to have the floor replaced.

Since we are having the floor replaced, we figured we will just go ahead and replace the back door with a couple of French Doors since I know that as soon as we pull up the floor in there we are going to find all kinds of damage to the door frame (which might actually be causing the leak in the basement).

As of today we have a bee infestation in the ONLY OTHER BATHROOM WITH A SHOWER!!! somewhere the bees are getting inside the bathroom. 2 days ago there were 3, yesterday there were 6 and today there were 9. Tomorrow I expect 12. They are getting in around the window somewhere. I think the top because that is the only place I cant see when I stand on the toilet. with my luck I am thinking that was a dangerous thing to do. I should have either fallen off the toilet and broke my nose, or I should have gotten stung and gone into anaphalactic shock. Luck must have been busy with a neighbor who visited once because it wasn't looking at me at that moment. Since I am sick, I just sighed and closed the bathroom door.

and now I have Hamthrax. and I am going to be out of work for another few days...and we are into the third quarter reporting time. and this is the time that we are required to work overtime to get the shit done. And my boss has pneumonia...and her daughter has the flu.

Please, I beg of not come visit might not survive. I think the only reason Michael and I do is because we are now conditioned to tolerate the Anderson Luck. The only reason we don't move everything out and strike a match is because the Insurance will probably figure out what happened.